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Article in the Sydney Morning Herald on the Abbott Government’s anti-science agenda
Tony Abbott is gutting science just when we need it most

Bid to Join the BHP Board
Ian Dunlop a former coal executive to take on BHP with climate change platform

Submission to the Board of Vocational Education and Training – 30th April 2012
The Risks and Implications of Resource Scarcity

Climate Action Summit – 28th April 2012
Bridging the Gap Between Science & Policy

Centre for Policy Development – 3 April 2012
Local Brainpower Can Save Manufacturing Jobs and the Environment

Climate Force – 19 January 2012
Transistion: Peak Oil and Climate Change

ABC – Big Ideas – 16 August 2011
Gunter Pauli, Ian Dunlop, Miriam Lyons on Gunter Pauli’s Blue Economy

Centre for Policy Development – 29 June 2011
Corporate Heads in the Sand: Global Warming, Risk & Governance

ABC – The Drum – 2 August 2010
Demolishing the myths on emissions trading

Centre for Policy Development – 8 July 2010
Facing our limits

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