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A call to the Australian people – demand serious action on climate change before it is too late.

After three decades of inaction, human-induced climate change is the greatest threat, and opportunity, facing this country, far outweighing the issues dominating our domestic political discourse, such as the US/China impasse, a faltering economy and religious freedom. The world faces the same threat. Climate change now represents an existential challenge which, if not addressed as a genuine emergency immediately, will destroy human civilisation as we know it within decades. Immediate, in that the actions we take today, particularly expanding fossil fuel use thereby increasing global carbon emissions, are locking-in that outcome.

December 21 / 2019
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Submission to the Western Australia EPA on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment Guidance

Contents: • Preamble • Climate Change: the global context • Climate Change Impact • Existential Risk Management • Political & Corporate Attitudes • Community Response • Legal Implications • Conclusions and recommendations on Greenhouse Gas Assessment Guidance Preamble Thank you for the opportunity to make a submission to the Western Australia (WA) Environmental Protection Authority […]

September 01 / 2019
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A Parliament Without Trust or Legitimacy Must Go

The insults hurled by David Leyonhjelm at Sarah Hanson-Young recently put parliamentary discourse in the gutter. Leyonhjelm was roundly condemned, but not by our leaders. A limp rap across the knuckles from Turnbull and Shorten, then on to more pressing matters, hoping it will all go away. But not so fast; in governance parlance “the […]

August 09 / 2018

Climate Risk – MCA Directors Breach Duties of Care and Due Diligence

After 30 years of inaction, the focus on climate risk is accelerating as the physical impact of climate change worsens and the transition risks to a low-carbon world intensify. Despite effusive official rhetoric, nothing has been done to seriously address climate change, notwithstanding increasingly urgent warnings . Global climate-related losses are running at record levels […]

August 05 / 2018
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Facing Reality: Reframing Climate Change as an Immediate Existential Risk

The Big Question: “Who at the highest levels of leadership in corporates and public service will take the bold risks that are required, not gradually or incrementally, but decisively in line with the new scale and speed that ‘unthinkables’ emerge.” ITD – Climate Change Emergency Response Rationale June 2018

June 08 / 2018
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Climate Change: The Fiduciary Responsibility of Politicians & Bureaucrats in the Era of Existential Climate Risks

“Fiduciary: a person to whom power is entrusted for the benefit of another” “Power is reposed in members of Parliament by the public for exercise in the interests of the public and not primarily for the interests of members or the parties to which they belong. The cry ‘whatever it takes’ is not consistent with […]

April 23 / 2018